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Mortal Kombat Fanatics

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This is just a friendly notice from your friendly neighborhood moderator.

1. Please keep all posts on-topic. Posts about what you had for lunch or if Jen thinks you are cute belong in your own journal.

2. Please no advertising of communities that have nothing to do with MK. For example, advertising your Talisa Soto community is okay, advertising a furniture porn community is not.

3. If you use an image of LJ icon found in this journal, please give credit in your user information or post.

4. Please give credit for your new sources/image sources in your posts.

5. Do not direct link to sites you do not own. Host images on image hosting sites so you don't abuse other people's bandwidth.

6. Please use LJ-Cuts for large images and big blocks of text.

Feel free to discuss any part of the Mortal Kombat fandom that you want, but try to keep the discussion PG-13 or less. Above all else, have fun.